“Opa!” Briarlea Celebrates Greek Night

by | Aug 30, 2023

For the latest in our round-the-world series, our dining room was turned into a Greek Taverna for ‘Greek Night’ at Briarlea Care Home. Greek flag bunting was hung from the ceiling. Meanwhile volumes of Greek mythology, olive trees, Grecian urns and classical busts with dried flower laurels decorated the mantlepiece and windows sills. Sweet melodies from a Greek lute, known as a Bouzouki, played from the stereo to add that truly traditional touch to our Greek getaway, complementing the poster of an Ionian harbour that had been hung over the tables. 

Soon, families began to arrive for the feast. It was a sold out event, and everyone sat together, talking, laughing and soaking up the ambience. The buffet was tremendous – everyone helped themselves to feta & spinach Spanikopitas, Chicken Gyros, Moussaka, Meatballs, Koftas and Beef Stifado. For dessert, we tucked into a special baklava-style tart – with lashings of delicious honey – and there was even a bottle of ouzo! 

We had a wonderful time celebrating Greek night. Thank you to all the families who joined us and to everyone who donated dishes – with a special mention to Lisa for her delicious home-made treats, and Ewa, for the tasty koftas! And despite our worry that some of our more enthusiastic diners would resort to a spot of Greek plate smashing, the care home crockery has thankfully remained in tact!