Trips Out Have Returned!

by | Sep 2, 2022

One of the most exciting things we’ve enjoyed at Briarlea this year, is the return of trips out. As while we’re all fortunate at Briarlea to live or work at such a lovely home, there’s plenty of fun sights and activities on our doorstep that we’ve been keen to explore.

So when Covid restrictions lifted for care home outings, our staff and residents were eager to bundle into the car and embark on some new adventures.

We’ve since enjoyed coffee mornings at cafes, trips to the local farm shop, educational visits to the Butterfly Park in Stratford, as well as ‘Birdland’ Park and Gardens where we saw penguins, parrots, pelicans and a troupe of pink flamingoes. We saw birds of prey at Cotswold Falconry, and visited the All Things Wild Safari Park – where we got up close to zebra, snakes and two-humped camels. Petting the pygmy goats was surely a trip highlight!

So residents can get the most out of these experiences, we’ve limited our visit numbers to groups of three at a time, and we choose our destinations based on what our residents would like to see and do. The generosity shown by loved ones and the local community in buying our raffle tickets and attending our events has helped to give residents their own fund through which they can support these visits – and so we would like to thank everyone for their help in contributing to the cause.

We’re looking forward to planning our next outing in our upcoming resident’s meeting!